In mid-November 2015, a dog taking a walk in Taiwan’s second-largest city Kaohsiung, returned to its owner with a human skull in its mouth. Investigators quickly found a plastic bag filled with other human remains nearby, partially buried in a wooded area.

The problem for authorities was that no one had been reported missing nor had any suspicious activity been reported in the area. Who was this skeleton?

Police eventually traced the human remains and found they did in fact belong to a missing individual … a 43-year-old Vietnamese contract worker. The man surnamed, Kieu, had disappeared some time after October 15.

A little bit more digging discovered that the man had had a girlfriend, a 33-year-old woman also from Vietnam. The girlfriend, surnamed Nguyen, was employed as a caregiver at a pig farm in Kaohsiung’s Luzhu District. The pair reportedly met at the farm and began a courtship some months ago.

But Nguyen had reportedly become highly displeased after hearing Kieu wanted to break off their relationship.

Authorities now believe Nguyen killed her boyfriend in a fit of rage over the proposed breakup, before dismembering his body and attempting to bury it.

The woman had purchased tickets to return to Vietnam just a few days before she was arrested. Nguyen will be tried for murder and illegal disposal of a body.