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Swatting away cops trying to cuff you is a “natural reaction,” says the Taiwan High Court’s Taichung Branch … after they acquitted a man charged with interfering with police business.

The court ruled the man’s actions: “natural reactions” to a scuffle with cops.

Suspect Tsai (蔡) was taken into custody in Taichung’s Central District (中區) on January 5, 2016.

The 43-year-old Tsai — who reportedly has a criminal record that includes theft — was arrested for allegedly stealing goods worth about NT$1,200 … from a Taichung convenience store.

Officer Huang Tung-pao reportedly tried to get Tsai to stop smoking at the police station (…  isn’t that like a NT$10,000 fine?)

Tsai then allegedly swore at Huang … before slapping the officer as Huang and a co-officer tried to cuff him.


Police charged Tsai with interfering with police duties.

A district court found Tsai not guilty … but the Taichung District Prosecutors’ Office appealed.

The high court upheld the district court … saying the abusive language Tsai used was a “natural response ” to being tackled and handcuffed — which actually kind of makes sense if you think about it …

Also ruled a “natural reaction” … was Tsai swinging his right arm and smacking Officer Huang in the face during the scuffle … it was not criminal the court said, “as it did not constitute interference with police duties.”

The court — sort of cheekily if you ask us — suggested that Tsai might of been convicted of an assault charge … if such a charge had been filed.

The high court’s ruling is final and cannot be appealed … the police involved say they will respect the verdict.

Do you?


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(Photos via ITN News / Taichung Police)