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Cops in Kaohsiung’s Fongshan District (鳳山區) were left red-faced after being filmed crashing into each other as they chased an underage girl on a scooter.

At around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, police on patrol reportedly noticed a rider near a school who appeared to be a bit too young to be operating a  scooter.

The girl declined to be stopped and made a run for it — police helmet cam footage shows her making some risky moves, weaving through traffic like a professional lawbreaker (this obviously wasn’t her first time on a bike).

The camera angle then changes to CCTV footage from the side of a building and we see the scooter officers get a little too close to each other before — BAMMM … they collide in a heap.


It wasn’t the worst accident in the world and the officers were only a bit scuffed up and of course, humiliated.

But the law got the last laugh …. as authorities reportedly tracked down the young offender and issued her tickets totalling at least NT$10,000.

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*Photo/Video via ZiYou Newspaper