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When Hong-Kong actor Jackie Chan donated 12 bronze zodiac sculptures to the southern branch of the National Palace Museum located in Chiayi County … some were highly displeased.



The ‘animal head sculptures’ are replicas of pieces stolen from China’s Old Summer Palace by British and French forces in 1860 … they are currently on display outside the museum’s main building.

The southern branch of the National Palace Museum opened in 2015, and Chan gave the artwork to the museum at its inauguration.


But the sculptures have stirred controversy … considering Jackie Chan is a member of China’s National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference … and has what many see as “pro-unification” veiws.

Just after the sculptures went on display, a young couple were arrested for vandalizing them. The pair poured red paint on them and left the words “war of cultural unification” at the scene.


At a legislative session Thursday, NPM Director Lin Jeng-yi (林正儀) said the 12 bronze zodiac sculptures will be removed from the main entrance by the end of September.

The decision to remove the sculptures was due to “people in art circles” not seeing artistic value in them … CNA reported Director Lin as explaining.

Some also feel the pieces carry too many social and political implications … with some saying more local artwork should be exhibited instead.

Where the sculptures will be placed after their removal is undetermined.

(Photos via Straits Times / / Taipei Times)