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Warning: video contains foul language

A man who reportedly is a doctor working at a major hospital in Kaohsiung — went on a foul-mouthed, racist tirade … in video captured recently that could well make him famous … or infamous, rather.

Visiting a Subway branch for lunch, the ‘doctor’ chastises the worker for not changing her gloves, although she claims she just did.

He then repeatedly says in Chinese to the Subway employee, “You’re filthier than a foreign worker (wai lao).”

When confronted by a man who asks him to be less aggressive, the ‘doctor’ — in English — calls the worker a ‘female dog’ and the man ‘a person who enjoys intercourse with his mother.’

The terms he used were slightly more colloquial  😉

Taiwan is a small place and when you get filmed being a complete douche, it often comes back to haunt you.

Let’s hope this a-hole learns to be less of a pr**k — either by having a change of heart and apologizing … or being publicly outed and shamed.

Racism, profanity and aggressiveness are not cool … even when/if you’re having a bad day.