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After a ‘soft-launch’ earlier this year … the tallest slide in Asia — and the third tallest in the world — is officially open for fun.

The slide is 27 meters high and 63 meters long.


The giant spiral tube allows sliders to plummet to the bottom in 16 seconds … as you reach a maximum speed of 82 kph!!

Chen Shiunn-shyung (陳訓祥), director-general of the museum, said the slide wasn’t only fun — there is SERIOUS science here, too.

You can learn about free falling, centrifugal force, friction, centripetal force … but we doubt many will be considering those topics at 80+ kph.

To be a slider, you must be at least 130 centimeters tall … can’t weigh more than 150 kilograms … can’t be pregnant or have cardiovascular diseases … as you might have a heart attack and or give birth a bit early!

Whatcha think? Give it a go?


(Photos via CNA/China Post/Taipei Times)