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According to like, stats and stuff, Kaohsiung has been dethroned as Taiwan’s second city by mid-island upstart Taichung …

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A mere 309 more souls gave Taichung the crown … and Taoyuan — the fastest growing city in Taiwan — could soon be nipping at the heels of both Kaohsiung and the new number two.

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As it stands right now, here’s the official numbers:

New Taipei: 3,984,051
Taichung: 2,778,182
Kaohsiung: 2,777,873
Taipei: 2,687,629
Taoyuan: 2,171,127
Tainan: 1,886,267

The China Post reports:

“Taichung’s population has been growing at the second fastest rate nationwide for the past five years, second only to Taoyuan …With arguably much more favorable weather than up north and with prime access to Central Taiwan’s immensely explorable countryside, Taichung has in recent years enjoyed a bolstered public image, [even being] named Taiwan’s most livable city.

The resurgence comes in the face of the city’s decades-old reputation as a haven for criminal and corruption.

By contrast, Kaohsiung’s population has been struggling even to remain steady — with net decreases every year between 2011 and 2015….

Southern Taiwan is often cited as bearing the brunt of Taiwan’s unequal development, with complaints of difficulty in finding well-paying white collar jobs, even in its two main population centers of Tainan and Kaohsiung.”


Poor Kaohsiung … anyway, numbers are just facts, right?

We K-Towners will remain proud of our fair city and of course, don’t forget … we are NUMBER ONE IN SOUTHERN TAIWAN!~