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Tainan City began a major crackdown on illegal parking as of April 2016, and many locals are NOT happy.

Incidents have seen car owners engage in furious verbal fights with cops and tow truck drivers, with a person or two (as seen in the picture below) trying to hold on to their doomed car as the tow truck drives away.

dont tow

NOTE: No human has yet been found to be able to overpower a tow truck.

Many highly displeased towed drivers say the rules haven’t been spelled out clearly. (Um … isn’t it: “don’t park illegally” ?)

Tainan has had to defend it’s crackdown after complains by ‘towees’ who’ve argued their vehicles were on a ‘white line’ when towed.

Others have whined that the customary police loudspeaker broadcast to ‘move your car or face towing’ was not audible enough. (Yes, for the most part, cops DO have to ask you leave first.)

But cops say they are following the law, noting that if the vehicle is parked in a way that obstructs traffic or safety, it doesn’t matter what color the line on the road is … and that they are not required to broadcast an audible warning in all cases.

Police report they will closely note the times of each action they take, record when and if a warning was broadcast and will film the towing procedure to better protect the rights of both cops and citizens alike.

*Photos via Apple Daily