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A verdict has arrived for five people accused of “professional negligence resulting in death” … charges stemming from the Weiguan Tainan housing complex that collapsed in an earthquake on February 6, 2016 … killing 115 people and injuring over 100.


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Five people involved in the construction of the complex were found guilty on Friday and sentenced to five years in prison. The verdict can be appealed. Each person was also fined NT$90,000.

The Tainan District Court is rejecting criticism that it was too lenient in its sentencing. That came after Tainan Mayor William Lai (賴清德) told a TV station Saturday that the sentences were far lower than what the public expected.

“The district court must explain … these sentences,” Lai said, “otherwise public faith in the justice system would be further eroded.”

But the Tainan District Court’s Administrative Chief Kuo Chen-hsiu, (郭貞秀) said the court has to follow the law like anyone else … and the law says the maximum punishment for the offense is a five-year prison term and an NT$90,000 fine.

Kuo angrily added that as a mayor and four-term legislator, William Lai should have a clearer understanding of local laws related to such cases.


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Do you side with the mayor of the court?



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