Red Brick Daily

No word on when or if the south might follow suit, but Taipei has begun fining cat owners who haven’t yet chipped and registered their felines as required by a July 2016 Taipei City law.

The Taipei City Government’s Animal Protection Office on Friday said it fined a pet owner who failed to register and implant chips in their cats.

Fines of NT$10,000 to NT$50,000 will be dished out to people who refuse to pay NT$250 to register their animals and have a chip implanted — how they will find the many unregistered house cats except by a city-wide house-to-house search is unclear.

About 53% of Taipei feline lovers have registered their furball … but you other people — the city is gonna grab you by the ______ if you don’t chip snowflake.

Whatcha think? Good idea? Or as impractical as herding cats?