Red Brick Daily

Youtuber “Iris Virus” made the news after trying an experiment. Could she use only English in Taipei to ask directions, buy food and basically … survive … without speaking any Chinese?

Taiwan News reports:

“Ya Ting Yu, 26, known as Iris Virus on the internet, is a digital marketer and photographer who resides and works in Taipei City. Iris is often asked by her YouTube subscribers if the Taiwanese speak much English. Therefore, she decided to make a video to figure out the answer herself. In the video, she posed as a tourist and asked people in Taipei for directions and food menus in English. She first asked the information center in a metro station and the counter in the department about directions. Both service people answered her questions in English immediately.”


The results were pretty darn good if we may say so … maybe Red Brick Daily will try this out in Kaohsiung 🙂


… whatcha all think?