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Taiwan has been hit HARD by “WannaCry” ransomware attacks … with the island in the top three nations most affected, says CNN. Why they picked Taiwan, however, is a mystery.

Social media reports indicate many in Taiwan are simply not able or willing to pay up.

English report here:

The ransomware encrypts your files with NSA-grade tech and you must pay US$300 in Bitcoin or the files won’t be returned to you … a digital kidnapping.

But according to a popular FB post … one local person hit by the demand struck back, writing to the ransomware villains that they only make US$400 a month–so how could they possibly afford 300?

Messages indicate the ransomware evildoers actually then backed off, unfreezing the person’s computer while saying Taiwan had been a “failure” for the scammers as they “overestimated” local salaries.

More in Chinese here: