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Curated by Moshe Foster, the Facebook page “Taiwan Chinglish” provides some rather amusing pics.

The rules for the site are simple: the pic should be something you took yourself … and should show the wonderful world of Taiwanese “Chinglish” … or at least — like the cover photo — something that you might only see in Taiwan (That cheeky pic was taken at Taipei Zoo by Angelo Gabriel Noziglia Araya‎)

A few examples:



This Taipei bus driver’s first name is Die / Eryk Smith


This sign at the KHH Kids Museum has us very confused / Eryk Smith


This company could have picked a better acronym — and logo / Eryk Smith

Visit the page … contribute your original photo catches … and every month a winner is declared based on “likes.”

Taiwan Chinglish — the bestest Engrish on town!


Main photo via Facebook / Taiwan Chinglish / Angelo Gabriel Noziglia Araya