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While America’s problem is too many cops shooting and killing too many people … including far too many unarmed but “threatening” individuals, Taiwan kind of has the opposite problem: cops don’t quite know when to use deadly force … and shy away from firing their guns whenever possible.

On the whole, we’d rather have Taiwan’s problem; but after a few horrible attacks on local officers, it’s becoming clear that Taiwan’s police force needs to beef up on the force.

So, Taiwan’s National Police Agency (NPA) has decided to hand out pepper spray … which might sound kind of lame, but according to police departments around the world, pepper spray is pretty darn effective.

Huang Fu-kun(黃福坤), an NPA administrative chief told CNA, “The use of pepper spray is more flexible than the use of a firearm and less deadly. However, pepper spray will not be used on demonstrators or protesters.”

It will cost about NT$100 each for about 1000 officers to be equipped with the eye-burning, nausea-causing spray.

The NPA will pay for pepper spray that’s given to railway, highway and aviation police officers … but local police bureaus will need to make their own decisions on buying pepper spray.

What do you think? Is pepper spray the best less-lethal tool for Taiwan law enforcement?

(Photo via CNA)