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The National Alliance of Parents Organization (NAPO, 全國家長會聯盟) and National Parents Association (NPA, 全國家長會) on Monday spoke out about how angry they are that textbooks are including more info on “inappropriate” sexual education … you know, the kind that mentions the fact that gays and lesbians actually exisit.

The quote of the year belongs to parent representative Wu Yi-luen (吳宜倫), who when asked to define “inappropriate gender equality content” — said it includes: “All teaching materials parents cannot accept.”  –Nice one!

The parental guidance groups are not cool with terms like “gender spectrum,” “homophobia” and “heterosexual hegemony,” which have begun appearing in modern junior and high school textbooks in recent years. The groups say the words are causing kids to develop “gender identity disorder.”  (SHHH… don’t use that term!!!)

One spokesman actually told the press that this type of education, “will ‘make’ homosexuals” because the textbooks include contact information for the Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association (台灣同志諮詢熱線協會) — a website focused on providing resources for the LGBT community.


(A sex-ed book for Taiwanese kids from YESASIA)

Never mind that there are gay kids who might need help, kids who might need to ask a question or two, or the fact that surveys show young people in Taiwan are overwhelmingly in support of gay rights — including marriage equality.

Over 250,000 supporters took to the streets of in support of marriage equality on December 10th, many of them young people.


(A gov’t textbook from years past showing how sex works)

Standing up for logic was Education Minister Pan Wen-chung (潘文忠), who said textbook content is based on the law (The Gender Equity Education Act) and has been reviewed by experts.

“A core tenet of planning the content of textbooks is to respect diverse values,” Pan reiterated.

Can we get an AMEN?


(Cover pic via S. China Morning Post)