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A November 25th editorial in the New York Times lauded Taiwan’s moves toward marriage equality, noting that while Europe and North America have spent the last couple of decades moving slowly but steadily toward full marriage rights for same-sex partners, Asia has yet to make meaningful moves in that direction … except for Taiwan.

The Times piece said Taiwan’s gay rights movement has “built enough political support” to make [same-sex marriage] passage possible in early 2017.

While some are skeptical, there is reason to be optimistic.

DPP legislator Hsiao Bi-khim told the NYT that 56 out of 113 lawmakers are in favor of legalization —  just ONE VOTE short for it to pass during the legislative session beginning next February after the Lunar New Year holiday.

On the same day the N.Y. Times wrote about Taiwan, an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 marched in Kaohsiung … in the city’s 7th annual LGBT rights parade.

Some 80,000 or more people turned out at the Taipei Pride event on October 29, 2016 … and like the capital city this year … Kaohsiung City Hall raised the rainbow flag on Saturday.

The Apple Daily reported that in Kaohsiung, married heterosexual couples brought their children and marched in support. A high-school teacher also became a bit of a sensation by marching topless — her nipples covered in stickers reading: “homophobia is unconstitutional.”


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(Photos by Shai Hsin)