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According to Expat Insider, Taiwan has been named the best expat destination in the world for 2016 …. dethroning Ecuador, which had taken the top spot two years running.

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But to summarize, the survey found the following:

Our small island country holds second place for “overall satisfaction with life abroad,” with 93% voicing their general contentment. Only Spain has higher ratings in this category.

A majority of expats in Taiwan (64%) say they plan to stay here longer than three years; with more than half of these (36% in total) even considering staying there forever.

Taiwan is the only country in the top three on the survey list with enough expats living abroad with their dependent children for it to feature in the “Family Life Index,” and Taiwan came in 8th out of 45 countries.

In fact, 43% of respondents in Taiwan say they have dependent children living with them, which is over twice the global average of 21%.

The nation does best in terms of friendly attitudes towards families with children, with 58% rating this as “very good” (39% worldwide).

However, for both childcare and education, only 3% of expat parents completely agree that these are easy to afford.


Now for a couple negatives:

Taiwan performed worst in the “Ease of Settling In” Index, although it still came in a respectable tenth, and Taiwan’s first place ranking in the “Friendliness” subcategory helped even out much lower results in the “Language” subcategory, where it came in 45th.

Nine in ten expats give the friendliness of local residents towards foreigners a positive rating, compared to only 65% worldwide.

However, the language barrier does seem to pose some problems.

Only 23% overall agreed that learning the local language is easy (global 37%) and about one-third (32%) said living in Taiwan without learning at least some Chinese is problematic.

But it seems many expats anticipated this, with 35% saying they thought about the language barrier before their move.

In addition to Taiwan claiming 1st place out of 67 countries in the overall ranking, it is was also in the top ten for every individual index – impressive stuff!

Taiwan holds first place in the “Quality of Life and Personal Finance Indices,” with expats highly impressed with the quality and affordability of healthcare.

Way to go, Taiwan!

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