Red Brick Daily

According to one regional newspaper, Taiwan is doing well in its efforts to become a ‘halal travel’ destination; meaning the local tourism sector is informed enough about Islamic culture so as to facilitate the needs of Muslim tourists.

It is the policy of the Tsai administration to increase visitors from Muslim-majority nations, including from nearby Indonesia. Kaoshiung has also made efforts in this area, actively courting Muslim visitors from Southeast Asia nations.

According to the Arabian Gazette:

“Muslim travel or Halal travel is becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing tourism sectors. The number of Muslim international travelers [spending] is predicted to rise to US$220 billion in 2020 from the 117 million in 2015 according to the Global Muslim Travel Index 2016 published by financial services firm MasterCard and CrescentRating – the world’s leading authority on halal travel.

Taiwan has been ranked seventh most desirable non-IOC destination for Muslim community alluring more than 30,000 visitors a year.  The Taiwanese government is doing its best to ensure that out of the 11.7 million Muslim tourists worldwide, at least 100,000 visitors visit Taiwan by the end of the year.  The country’s government is supporting Halal tourism as a way to boost tourism and attract holidaymakers from all over the Muslim world.”

Good news, ya? The more people who get to know Taiwan the better.