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If you’re an expat, ask your local friends: Did their parents EVER bring up sex with them as a child? –Chances are, a good percentage will say ‘no’.

From a simple test at our office, we got a ZERO from six Kaohsiung residents — none of their parents had ever broached the subject, with; “it’s just too sensitive of a topic” given as the main reason.

So sex-ed is left to schools and teachers. They, alongside the Ministry of Education, have made great strides of late in updating textbooks and curriculum to cover ‘sensitive topics’ such as gay relationships, STDs, gender equality, and how to properly use a condom.

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A report from, surprisingly, Nevada Public Radio, puts Taiwan’s sex-ed issues in the spotlight.

Writer Yu-Ning Aileen Chuang singles out GangHe Elementary School in Kaohsiung as a typical example of the struggles teachers and educators face in trying to bring Taiwan’s sexual education programs into the 21st century.

Yu-hao Liu, a teacher at Ganghe Elementary School in Kaohsiung, Taiwan's second-largest city, was captured on local news teaching his students sex ed.


Some of the insights were somewhat unexpected:

“‘A lot of the people who are opposing me are not even the parents of my students,’ says Yu-hao Liu, the teacher who wrote the lesson at Ganghe Elementary School. He has been a teacher there for 16 years.” 

The biggest issue, less surprisingly, was opposition to info on the LGBTQ community.

Read the whole piece and check out the links in the article; an important piece about an important topic, no matter how ‘sensitive’ it might be.