Red Brick Daily

According to the Department of Gender Equality under Taiwan’s Executive Yuan, female employees make … on average … 20% less money than their male counterparts.

The discrepancy in salary was even noted by the government in the industrial sector … where the average monthly salary for men is about NT$52,000 … while for women, it is SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER … at around NT$38,000 — an over 27% drop.

For helping raise the nation’s next generation, women are punished again with lower pensions as they “left the workforce” to like … feed the kids and stuff.

The Gender Equality Department statement notes that female employees who are covered by Taiwan’s labor insurance plan receive on average … monthly retirement pensions that are about NT$2,000 less than what men get.

Asking for complete equality in all things isn’t exactly realistic, but we can make the same call made by millions of others:

Equal Pay For Equal Work!