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The Taiwan News recently published a list of “best-preserved” historical buildings in Taiwan, with spots in both Kaohsiung and Tainan coming in near the top.

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One may quibble with the order of the listing, but the Former British Consulate at Takao (打狗英國領事館) — built in 1865 — and the Confucian Temple (孔廟) in Tainan (originally built in 1665, during the reign of Koxinga -鄭成功) are certainly worth visiting and appreciating if you’re in southern Taiwan.

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Check out the paper’s list and see if you agree. Have you visited all of the top 10 — according to the Taiwan News?

  1. Former British Consulate at Takao (打狗英國領事館)
  2. Fort San Domingo (紅毛城)
  3. Tainan Confucian Temple (台南孔廟)
  4. Chaotian Temple (朝天宮)
  5. Changhua Roundhouse (彰化扇形車庫)
  6. Lin Family Mansion (板橋林家花園)
  7. Shennong Old Street (台南神農老街)
  8. Zhaishan Tunnel (翟山坑道)
  9. Former Japanese Navy Radio Station, Fongshan (原日本海軍鳳山無線電信所) –– this one has a spooky history…read the article for more