Red Brick Daily

Fan of Scrabble? It’s one of the world’s most popular games, but it isn’t exactly easy. Those who consider themselves “masters” of the word game may soon be able to take the ultimate challenge … not just “playing against a computer,” but actually playing opposite a real robot … with a robotic arm that moves the tiles!

According to ABC Radio News (Las Vegas): “Taiwan’s largest high-tech applied research institution, The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), revealed on Monday a new companion robot that plays Scrabble … The Intelligent Vision System for Companion Robots, or ITRI, as the robot is known, integrates artificial intelligence, 3-D vision recognition and hand-eye coordination technologies to play scrabble and learn from the experience … The robot can also grip, move and interact with the word blocks with extreme precision, placing the cubes in the correct cells without dropping or hitting the other cubes.”

So next time your wiseguy friend boasts about their Scrabble abilities … see if you can’t schedule some play time with Taiwan’s Scrabble robot.

We’re betting on the robot!