In early July, Taxi drivers in Taipei smashed an “Uber Car” as part of a protest against the competing mobile app.

At first glance, it appears they are violently smashing an actual Uber vehicle to make a bold statement that they will not put up with the Taipei High Court’s November Decision to allow Uber in Taiwan.

But we immediately notice two things that make this really not as bad as it seems.

  1. Real Uber cars are way nicer than this one. Just last week, I was picked up in Kaohsiung in a late model BMW. If this was an actual Uber car, it would not be a shitty Toyota.
  2. When was the last time you caught an Uber with the logo pasted on the hood and door panels.

Even though this is clearly not an actual Uber car, these guys are clearly pissed off. It remains to be seen if the courts here in Taiwan will continue to allow the ride hailing app access to the island. But for now, Uber has already expanded to the southern city of Kaohsiung, with a rumored further expansion to the resort town of Kenting in the works.