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It won’t be a happy new year for at least two families in two nations after a Taichung taxi driver ran a red light and was slammed into by a container truck.

A 59-year-old Japanese national disembarked from a cruise ship at Taichung Harbor just before 9 a.m. Friday, intending on spending New Year Eve festivities in Taiwan.

The tourist caught a cab to the Taichung High-Speed Rail Station … but five minutes into his journey, the 63-year-old taxi driver surnamed Liu, ran a light and was plowed into by a container truck.

The accident was brutal and caught on tape by CCTV footage (check the link to the Apple Daily story below).

The Japanese visitor and the driver were rushed to the hospital but both died from horrific wounds sustained in the crash. In total, the tourist had been in Taiwan for about an hour and a half before he was killed.

The truck driver may have been driving a bit over the speed limit, but the video seems to show clearly that the taxi was 100% repsonible for the gory collision.

NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION FOR ALL: Stop running red lights, ya?


(Photo via Apple Daily)

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