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The city has been working on the project since 1999 … but it’s now just a few seasons from ACTUALLY becoming reality! The biggest construction project KHH has undergone in decades will open to the public in August 2018 — and sources say there will not be any “Taipei Airport MRT Line-style” delays 🙂

(The 1941 Station — on the right — after being moved in 2001-2002)

The images you see are mostly concept drawings freely available online … and if you pass by the site right now, you’ll see that the framework of the main hall is complete.

The oldest Kaohsiung Station was located near the harbor and was a traditional Japanese-style wooden building.

In 1941, just a few years before the arrival of the KMT, the Japanese built a new “Takao Station” and renamed the old one “Takao Harbor Station.”

And that 1941 building was KHH’s station until 2002 when it was literally lifted out of the earth and moved (by sliding) about 100 or so meters to the east.

The 2002 “New” Kaohsiung Station is an ugly corrugated metal building, but it’s just a placeholder.

(The floor plan of the new station)

As of summer 2018, the area is set for a MAJOR transformation as KHH’s rail system goes fully underground, the 1941 station gets moved back to its original spot (will be used as a museum) and huge department stores and a central bus station open for business.

(This is what we will eventually enjoy – note the old station in the center)

Another big change will see the current TRA rail line that heads north-south along Makadao Boulevard moved underground and stations added. These will act as a kind of MRT, connecting to the main KHH Station.

(front view new Main St. -artist concept)

These new TRA/MRT stations will be mini works of art and the former train tracks will be green spaces with bike paths, ponds, trees and more.

(The new GuShan and Art Museum TRA/MRT Stations — also opening in August 2018)


Get ready to have your mind blown this summer … the new KHH Main Station and new mini-stations are gonna be blockbusters!