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Over half a century ago, now-81-year-old Liang Zifu … and now-77-year-old Li Suying found a cave after their wedding.

They couldn’t afford to buy a house, so they became cave-dwellers!

The mountain cave — said to be located near the city of Nanchong — has been a home to Liang, Li and their family for 54 years now… and it’s not as primitive as you might think.

The elderly couple have basically spent their whole lives turning the cave into a decent place to live.

It now has three bedrooms, a kitchen, and a living room.


Liang turned the roof into a garden where they grow all the veggies they eat, plus they have a pigsty that provides them with fresh piggy meat — talk about living off the land!


A well supplies clean water … and they even have electricity.


If you Google “modern cave dwellers” you’ll find this Chinese couple aren’t the only ones living in holes … people in North and South America — as well as France — are also cave-living … mostly to avoid being anally probed by aliens or other rational reasons.

This Chinese couple, however, seem pretty normal. They say: 1. Their cave is cool in summer, warm in winter.   2. It’s free.   3. It has everything they need.

The only downside? — They’re a bit lonely after their kids grew up and moved out … presumably not into caves of their own.

(Photos via China Daily)