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On Friday came the final, gut-wrenching verdict for Taiwan nationals Chen Chia-wei (陳嘉偉), Wang An-kang (王安康) and Luo Chih-cheng (羅至誠) — death.

According to the court, the three were busted at Jakarta International Airport in 2014 … while attempting to smuggle in two kilograms of amphetamine from Hong Kong.

They were sentenced to death by a Jakarta district court last year … then got their sentences commuted to life imprisonment by the High Court … but prosecutors appealed the High Court ruling and the Supreme Court has now issued a unappealable sentence of death.

While we don’t condone drug smuggling, we also do not condone the death penalty for non-violent drug offenses.

And seriously … if you’ve been reprieved in a second trial … there should be some law against getting re-sentenced to death … that’s just nasty.

Sadly, these three Taiwanese men might only be the first to face a firing squad … as in August, a district court in Jakarta sentenced four other Taiwanese to death for possession of 26 kilograms of amphetamine — that ruling is on appeal.

About 30 Taiwanese citizens are serving time in Indonesia for drug-related crimes … according to Indonesian authorities.

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