Red Brick Staff

A man in southern Taiwan’s Pingtung County has a pretty crappy job: he drives a truck with the carcasses of dead farm animals to an incinerator.

Presumably these animals died before they could be slaughtered or – if they were somehow ridiculously lucky – of old age.

The truck driver was navigating his 3.5 ton vehicle packed to the gills with dead chickens and pigs towards an incinerator in Chaojhou when he was slammed into by a sedan driven by a 53-year-old man surnamed Cheng.

Reports say the accident was so violent, the contents of the truck spilled all across the road with uncooked pork legs and chicken wings smeared across the scene.

Sadly for us, no pictures were taken of the incident.

In accordance with Taiwan law, all parties involved in traffic accidents are generally subjected to breathalyzer tests.

The truck driver was found to be 100% sober, while Cheng registered an 0.35.

Cheng was arrested and faces some pretty steep fines and even possible jail time for deciding to get behind the wheel after what must’ve been either a very long night … or a very early start to his weekend alcohol consumption.

No humans or animals not already dead were killed or seriously injured in the incident, and by 4 p.m. that day, police had cleared the pet cemetery from the streets.