President Trump seems to have backed off his shake up  of US-China relations over the issue of Taiwan. But many China watchers and more than a few Taiwanese passport holders may still be worried he intends to bargain with the world’s only Chinese Democracy.

Would Trump really trade Taiwan’s sovereignty for a more favorable currency exchange, or a better deal on manufacturing those ubiquitous red hats?

The US’ formal diplomatic stance regarding Taiwan is filled with the kind of nuance that the mainstream press frequently misses. For example, when the US says, “our one China policy”, the word “our” may hold important meaning since the two parties may look at the official policy under different light.

Read more about the confusing diplomatic situation that makes little sense in the real world, but has averted war for in the Taiwan Strait for many decades.

Is President Trump capable of grasping or expressing nuance? What are the implications of all this? For now, Taiwan’s 27 million or so residents will have to wait and see what happens.