Red Brick Daily Staff

Beware the WOLVES OF KENTING!!!  🙂

Two reportedly young, American backpacker tourists arrived in Southern Taiwan’s beach resort town of Kenting recently and after spending time at the beaches, decided to explore a little bit off the beaten trail.

They had heard about the Cikong Waterfall and Hiking Trail in the northern section of the park — in an area called Manjhou Township — and went to check it out.

Upon arrival, they began their hike when suddenly they found themselves surrounded by wild, angry creatures.

At first thinking the animals were wolves, the tourists feared for their lives, but they soon sensibly remembered that south Taiwan is a tropical island nowhere near the customary places wolves are known to prowl.

The tourists determined the animals were wild dogs, but still did not believe they could pass the angry pack without being attacked so they climbed a tree and were then surrounded by the ‘wolves.’

When the snarling dogs would not leave, the backpackers eventually called police for help.

Local cops were slightly amused to arrive and find dogs barking away at two young foreigners hiding in a tree.

The officers shooed the wolf-descendants away and helped the tourists out of the tree.

All in all: no harm no foul … and at least it gave officers at the sleepy Manjhou Police Station something to chuckle about for a while to come.