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Just days after Taiwan’s parliament passed an amendment upping fines to NT$25 million (!) on companies that operate what have been deemed “illegal passenger transportation services,” what does Uber do?

They offer a New Year promotion! — A coupon worth NT$10,000 to customers who post a selfie with an Uber driver on Facebook … and a hashtag of a specified Uber message from December 19-30th.


Changes to the law now state that drivers caught working for an illegal ride-sharing company will have both their vehicle registration and driver’s license terminated or suspended for four months to a year.

As of December 16, 2016 … Uber Taiwan had accumulated fines of over NT$66 million for 465 violations … while Uber drivers had racked up some NT$20 million worth of fines and tickets.

The company has paid NT$62 million thus far.

But, Uber doesn’t seem to be willing to die … with a holiday message on its website kind of spelling out its strategy: “Regardless of the obstacles along the road, no matter how many small rocks blocking the way, Uber strives to walk with you.”

Um … we thought you “drove” with us …. but anyway, 10 points for chutzpah!

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