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Remember the “Taiwan + DPP Flag On My Face = 15 Seconds of Fame” dude from Kaohsiung? Well, he’s facing judgment for DUI at ‘criminal negligence’ levels and we seriously doubt the inverted Chinese characters inked on his mug will do much to help him in court … esp. as he’s a ROC national (gave up his UK citizenship) and has reportedly served time behind bars previously.

To his credit, at least this Kaohsiung alcohol-and-ink-needle enthusiast had a clear message he wanted to impart: “I love Taiwan so much I’ll … YEAH — Get drunk and tattoo my face!”

Over in the U.S., however, a 22-year-old man identified as Cody Williams is turning heads for having a decidedly less-clear Chinese message attached to his arm.

Obviously a fan of irony, Cody had “I dont know. I dont speak Chinese” inked on his arm. He says he loves the joke and is sure it’ll never get old (hmmm, not too sure about that, Cody.)

Read more about Mr. Irony here:

Or in Chinese, here:

(Photos via Facebook / Newsshark)

On a related note, here’s a link to some other TERRIBLE Chinese tattoo decisions by people who, like Cody, “Don’t know, because they don’t speak Chinese”

(Never get this inked on your arm … even if your friend says it means ‘brave’)