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Cops from Taipei’s Shirlin police station nabbed ‘Under Lover’ rapper Wu Rui-er (胡睿兒) and his girlfriend, model Sunny Lin (林采緹) at the luxury apartment of a friend surnamed Chao … after finding just over a gram of marijuana bud and a bong.

It was unclear how the police received information about the marijuana or if they had a proper search warrant.

Wu was later released on bail of NT$10,000.



(Via TTV News / CTS News)


Writing on her Facebook page, Sunny Lin — a model/celebrity — said she had not smoked or consumed any illegal drugs … and posted the results of a drug test she took after the incident as proof.


(Facebook-Sunny Lin)


Also detained at the apartment on Thursday at about 3 p.m. were Yang Lin (楊琳), a rapper from Wu’s group Under Lover … and Chao, the person residing at the apartment on Taipei’s Heping East Road.

Chao has reportedly admitted to marijuana possession.

The Central News Agency reports that Wu was taken to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office for questioning … before leaving on a NT$10,000 bond.

The results of a drug test will arrive next week and charges will then be considered.


If found guilty of only recreational use, Wu looks set to face a mandatory two-month term in a prison rehab unit, followed by probation and drug tests for an undetermined period.

Wu has remained mostly silent, reportedly telling cops he used weed once to relieve stress … but we’re sure he’ll make the obligatory apology speech on TV soon — likely with some weeping.

This charade is the most common ‘atonement’ strategy for celebrities who get busted for drugs in Taiwan … but wouldn’t it be nice if instead of all the tsk tsk tsks and all the fake tears … Taiwan actually started having a conversation about drug law reform?

Yeah, it would be nice. But don’t hold your breath.

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