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Before 1937, Kaohsiung’s now-Zuoying District (the part near the coast) had a booming oyster and aquaculture industry.

But when the navy — first the Japanese and then the retreating Republic of China forces — set up a naval base HQ in Zuoying … the area became “sensitive” and verboten to oyster farming.

Even today, almost the entire Zuoying coast is “navy-only” and it’s shoreline, beaches and wetlands sit idle as military vessels prowl nearby.

Kaohsiung City’s bi-monthly, bi-lingual newspaper, Marine Capital Kaohsiung, recently featured the tale of where the farmers moved to after the Zuoying area became off-limits: Zihguan … a coastal district north of Nanzih and west of Chaotou.

With mini fishing harbors and flatlands for aquaculture, Zihguan might be the best place to get the freshest dish of that traditional Taiwanese comfort food: the oyster omelet.

If you’re not into these omelets, it might be cuz you’ve never had a good one. The night market version just isn’t the same.

Consider hopping on your bike and making an oyster pilgrimage! Head north up National Route 17 and look for a fishing village named Kezihliao … or anywhere near there.

The KHH Gov’t paper recommends “Chef Lee’s Oyster Omelet” joint as among the best, but let us know what you find!

(Photo via Micky’s Favorite Taiwanese recipes)