Red Brick Daily Staff

The Taipei Times reports that professor Chen Yang-yi (陳陽益) at Kaohsiung’s National Sun Yat-sen University has spent seven years testing his dream of using the ‘Kuroshio Current’ to generate electricity … and he and his team have now proven it is a viable idea.

All we can say is: it’s about time. Scientists have known for years that waves or ocean currents could potentially power the planet, but progress has been ridiculously slow.

Now, perhaps Taiwan can lead the way in producing energy from this extremely renewable source.

The team reportedly first used tugboats off Pingtung County’s Siaoliouciou Island (小琉球) last year to tow a generator device through ocean currents at a speed of close to 1.4 meters per second … generating an average of about 33 kilowatts.

On July 23, 2016, the team deployed a platform 25 kilometers southeast of Oluanpi in Kenting (鵝鑾鼻), which it anchored to a foundation from an abandoned ship 900 meters below the water.

From July 25 to July 29, the team ran consecutive tests as the Kuroshio Current flowed past the platform at a depth of 30 meters, generating an average of over 26 kilowatts.

“It was a successful trial,” Professor Chen said.

The team plans to move to Jioupeng Bay (九鵬灣) in Pingtung next year for a trial run, which it hopes will generate 2 megawatts for commercial operations.

Way to go, Taiwan!


*Photo is an artist’s rendition of a possible future ocean current power harnessing system / Via Motherboard -VICE