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He was no Banksy  … but a dude who has been painting weird words near MRT and train stations across Taiwan has finally been busted.

Police say the suspect is a 58-year-old man, surnamed Chang (張).

They believe he is responsible for at least 13 pieces of graffiti reading bizarrely: “Pure youths deceive and kill the nation” in seven locations near Dazhi Elementary School in Taipei and in six places near railway stations in Taoyuan, Taichung and Pingtung.

Pingtung cops picked up Chang on Friday afternoon after getting a call about a man dressed as a Buddhist monk writing words on the railing of the Minjhih Bridge (民治橋).

Chang is a resident of Taipei but lives a “nomadic” lifestyle.

He has prior convictions for tampering with the draft, larceny, robbery and vandalism … but Chang says he’s just a man on a mission.

“I want judicial reforms, I have been unfairly treated by society,” police quoted Chang as saying.

According to its Web site, China Pure Youths Association is an advocacy group to combat pornography and drug abuse.

Maybe Chang needs to stop “researching” drugs and porn, eh?

(Phot0 via Taipei Times