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In 2015, the three countries with the longest working hours were:

  1. Singapore — 2,371 hours
  2. Mexico — 2,246 hours
  3. South Korea –2,113 hours

And Taiwan? — We’re No. 4.

According to a recently released Ministry of Labor report comparing national statistics plus data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD, 經濟合作暨發展組織) … Taiwan ranked fourth in working hours among developed economies.

Taiwanese workers — according to gov’t data —  in 2015 worked an average of 2,104 hours per year … 31 hours less than they did the previous year — the reduction possibly due to a stagnant economy, say experts.

So for longest working hours in THE WORLD … yeah!  … Taiwan WINS!  … WE’RE NO. 4!!!!!



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