Red Brick Daily

Speculation is mounting that Tainan Mayor William Lai (賴清德) has his eye on running for New Taipei City’s top office in 2018 … which could be a launching pad for higher office.

Rumors about Mayor Lai’s ambitions have bounced around for years, but only recently has timing begun to seem to sway in Lai’s favor.

Lai is among the most popular mayors in Taiwan … he is a member of the ruling DPP and New Taipei’s Mayor Eric Chu of the KMT — he who lost the 2016 presidential election — will be retiring in 2018.

The stars may be aligning for Lai … but it won’t be easy.

New Taipei City is the nation’s most populous special municipality, and several DPP politicians are already maneuvering to run in the ’18 mayoral race.

But Lai is a strong contender … and a recent two-day tour of temples in New Taipei City by William Lai to express thanks for assistance given after a deadly earthquake struck the Tainan area in February … has only got more tongues wagging about 2018.

It shouldn’t surprise too many if sometime next year … the mayor of Tainan moves north.