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Seriously … WTF, dude?

First, veteran local actor Li Tien-chu (李天柱) led the audience in a Christian prayer rather than giving an acceptance speech after winning a Golden Bell for Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film on Saturday evening … then, he went on some weird anti-gay tirade.

Gay people, as Li apparently sees it, will cause the destruction of humankind … because of their “inability to procreate.

Talking to journalists backstage at the 51st Golden Bell Awards in Taipei, the 59-year-old Li said he’d rejected offers to do television productions that do not share his “values.”

“I’ll be open about it … I will not support homosexuality because it’s going to lead to the end of humanity. I do not hate gay people, I love them, I have compassion for them, but I have to say this is wrong,” said Li Trumpesquely.

Logic, however, reports that with seven plus billion people on the planet, humanity seems to be procreating quite well … despite the gays.

Anyway, we weren’t the only ones pissed off: Social Democratic Party spokesman Miao Bo-ya (苗博雅) criticized Li on FB: “There are many types of relationships in which couples cannot reproduce … where is the logic in singling out homosexuals?”

Miao hit the nail on the head by noting that if Li is truly concerned about the birthrate … he’d DO SOMETHING … like advocating for better social services to support families.

Taiwan has plenty of young people who might consider having children … but with childcare costs and salaries where they are … a huge percentage are saying “maybe later” to the idea of kids.

The idea that gays are going to depopulate Taiwan is silly, as exiled Chinese democracy activist Wang Dan (王丹) said on Facebook: “Homosexual relationships have existed since early Greek civilization. If homosexuality causes the destruction of humankind, then what species are you?”

Is Li brave for speaking his mind?

Or is he a __________ ?


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