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The Edinburgh Sheriff Court has released Zain Dean on condition his passport is held by the court, reports CNA.

The development comes after a protracted legal battle to have Dean extradited to Taiwan.

In 2014 a Scottish court found that Dean should be returned to Taiwan to face justice … however on September 23, 2016, the High Court ruled he should not be sent back.

The case is under appeal by Taiwan’s Justice Ministry … and the first hearing in Edinburgh is scheduled for October 20.

Dean was sentenced by the Taiwan High Court to four years imprisonment in July 2012 … after being convicted of the hit-and-run killing of a motorcycle newspaper delivery man while driving under the influence of alcohol in March 2010.

He was supposed to begin serving his sentence in 2012 … but fled the country in August that year by creatively changing his appearance to match the passport picture of a British friend.


He then left Taiwan, using the friend’s passport, via the Kaohsiung International Airport.

The case was an embarrassing episode for Taiwanese authorities … who claim to have since updated security procedures to ensure such an escape doesn’t happen again.


(Photo via local authorities / The Herald Scotland)