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In late August 2017, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu spoke about ‘Zone 77’ and what it’s redevelopment will mean for residents of Fengshan District, which is the most populous administrative area of Kaohsiung City.

Much planning, the mayor noted, and sometimes difficult negotiations with land owners went into turning what was a patchwork of small factories and farmlands into a re-zoned chunk of “new” land…a commodity desperately needed in Fengshan.

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Mayor Chen laid out the stats:

The re-zoned area is about 34 hectares, which will include 19.35 hectares of construction land, 14.75 hectares of public facilities, including schools, parks and open spaces. New roads will also help alleviate heavy Fengshan traffic, officials said.

The re-districted zone now has new common pipelines for power and telecommunication, traffic controls and other underground infrastructure … which have been co-buried so as to reduce repetitive road excavations for maintenance.

Source: 高雄市政府