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The area now known as Zuoying has long been a naval staging area. Obviously, having a coastline helps, but steep cliffs and “secret” caves nearby also offer good hideouts and more recently, placements for anti-aircraft guns … meaning the spot is ideal for the navy, and has been used as such by naval ships from the Qing Empire, rebels, the Japanese, the US and of course, the ROC or Taiwan.

Image result for Kaohsiung Zuoying (左營) naval base

Image result for Kaohsiung Zuoying (左營) naval base

(Images from the Japanese colonial era, when Zuoying Naval Base was first expanded into a major military hub.)


But with the Trump administration talking about docking US warships at Zuoying and Taiwan reconsidering its readiness in the face of an increasingly aggressive China, Zuoying Naval Base is set to get bigger and bulkier.

The Taipei Times reports:

“The strategically important base needs to enhance its capability to service more and bigger ships, including 10,000-tonne warships that are to be built as part of the nation’s shipbuilding program, and those of allied navies, the official said.

The expansion, named the Weihai Project (威海), has a budget of NT$34.5 billion (US$1.13 billion) under the defense allowance of the government’s Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program, the official said.

The expanded base is to have a second pier and a second harbor entrance-exit point on its north side, with requisite berths and shore-side facilities, the official said.

Due to its reliance on a single entrance-exit point, the Zuoying naval base is considered vulnerable to blockade and attack.”