We answer a burning women’s issue together with the psychologist.

Stereotypic charming impudent persons, hedonists and fans of women from that Hollywood comedy can notably spoil to your life. Therefore, today we together with our expert, the psychoanalyst Anna Xiping will understand how to find the similar rascal and not to fall him into clutches.

Flirtation for him – lifestyle

The most important what it is necessary to pay attention at the first acquaintance to, it as behaves the man with other women. The ladies’ man will be attentive to all women, and not just to you. He it will be inappropriate he is gallant; it will become lovely to smile to the waitress, probably, even to make advances to her. For him flirtation – the same ordinary thing, as well as any other household piece. He just got used.

He adapts to you

The ladies’ man very well is able to adapt to you. He mirrors your behavior, well feels you. It as if has no own core. The trouble is that he will behave so absolutely with all women.

He looks at other women

When the man is interested in you, you feel it. Whatever beautiful woman passed nearby; he will just brush her a look as ordinary passerby. The ladies’ man will stop on her a look, and in him lumpiness and lust will appear.

He uses the pickup tricks

If before you a pickup artist, you feel that everything is too affected. He will be given by cliches in the spirit of:

    Oh, and your parents accidentally not astronauts? Otherwise from where they have such star?

Besides love for primitive stamps the pickup artists love primitive, monkey repetition of gestures of the victim. Pay attention: you raised a hand – and he raised it, you touched hair – and he touched them.

The most dangerous type of the ladies man – who is he?

The most dangerous type of the ladies’ man – the man who does not parade the gamer. With it you just unconsciously feel that he merges the attention somewhere else.

Here it is important to understand: if he does not advertise the communications with others for show and does not come to you in the pants smeared in lipstick, and, on the contrary, everything hides, so wants to keep a relationship.

Such relationship is chance to reanimate if, of course, it allows your system of values. Especially if there was no treason yet, and only flirtation took place.

In that case it is necessary to gather and understand whether such relationship is necessary to you and whether it is worth keeping them. If yes, one strategy is necessary, is not present – another.

The ladies’ man – the instruction for application

And if you just want to have a good time with someone: you left recently, you have a depressive period in life, ladies’ men perfectly will amuse you. They are great animators, are able to look after beautifully, make good gifts. The main thing is not to attach them great value.

It is worth understanding that it is temporary option. Such are not ready to a long serious adult relationship. It is necessary to tell himself at once:

    I am with him all on few times, and I will switch then to something else. For now let for me flirts, let will entertain me, and I will stay in this fine state.