We warn women against a dangerous relationship together with the psychologist.

In the twentieth century the peacekeeper John Lennon sang: All you need is love. And the twenty first century we began to understand: on one love far you will not leave. We talked to the expert in a relationship, the psychoanalyst Anna Xinpin and found out in what cases it is time for guy to wave with the handle.

He has a dependence

The dependence can be any: alcoholic, game, narcotic, dependence on adrenaline – when the man adores risking, for example, on the road. All these painful manifestations are united only by one: it is necessary to give up the person at which they are present.

When the person is dependent, his partner surely becomes codependent and serves psychosis of the first. Such tragic history will never end.

If you feel mad love, you can make only one thing. Bring the person to the expert and leave a circle of his communication. But do not hope to continue a relationship after healing. When he recovers, at him with high probability the outlook will change more you will not be necessary to him.

He ego-trips at your expense

It is necessary to leave the man if due to decrease in your self-assessment he serves own complexes. It is extremely unpleasant situation in which you will stay with such partner constantly.

If the man has inadequate differences of mood

Any deviations from stable mentality of the partner will harmful influence your relationship. His mood will be transferred to you in a nervous situation and you will suffer. Strangely enough it sounds, psychoses are infectious. It has a biological justification. The unstable man should be taken away to the doctor. The psychiatry and pharmacology are very developed now, his manifestations can be corrected.

If differences of mood at the man began to be shown recently, it can have problems with hormones. With it is worth addressing the doctor too.

If you have different preferences in sex

To some extent this difference can be smoothed, but if temperaments very different, you have to leave. Because if it is necessary to him once a month, and to you – once an hour, nothing will turn out. The partner will be exhausted, and you unsatisfied.

Both partners have to derive pleasure from sex. Sex is not trap. It is important to discuss sexual problems, and then the probability of a positive outcome strongly increases. But if something goes not so, and the person prefers uncomfortable to you sex forms, it is necessary to prick up the ears.

If he applies violence on you

If in your relationship there is a violence – beginning from moral and finishing physical – run. So should not be. First, this in itself nonsense. Secondly, it is seen by children who, following your example, will construct family by the same principle. Yes, it is very difficult to get out of such relationship most, but it is all the same possible. If it is impossible to you independently, you can be helped by the expert.

However, there are such women to whom and it in a high. He thrashes them, and to them is normal! If you from such, remain on the place.

If in your relationship there are no positive emotions

Lack of joint pleasant experiences – a strong indication that it does not suit you. In a relationship there have to be an elementary care, respect. For everyone it means a miscellaneous. Some enough five minutes of a talk a day, to others are not enough also five hours. If you feel emotional emptiness, bring up this subject in a conversation with the partner. Find out why it is discharged of you.

Not to spend time with you is the decision too. It is necessary to learn why he accepted him.